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Why Our Candles

From The First Sketch To The Final Version, We Abide By The Highest Standards In Developing Our Home Fragrance Line. Some Features That We Like To Highlight

An Average Burn Time Of 45-50 Hours

Made From 100% Soy Wax

Clean Burn Without Any Black Soot Residue

Available In 2 Different Sizes A 400g Candle Jar And A Mini Candle Gift Box

Brazilian Lime: The fragrance of Brazilian Lime not only changes the space, but the soft light of the candle makes you feel calm and peaceful. We have realized and created the perfect prosperity range that reflects the mood of each season. The " Brazilian Lime " is specifically designed to heal the souls and brighten the day..

Citrus: Citrus candles not only look beautiful, but they also emit a strong fragrance. The citrus-scented candles inspired by secluded natural islands, silent forests, and fruits and flowers' aroma. Vibrant citrus fragrance makes you feel the beach views, and delicate Brazilian Lime relieves the stress during the day.

The Scent:The fragrance of Brazilian Lime and citrus makes you feel energetic. Very suitable for cold mornings when it is difficult to fall asleep. The lime scent creates a captivating, long-lasting, fresh yet seasonally soothing energy in the atmosphere. It evokes the same memories and feelings as your favourite songs and dramatically changes the way you think about space.

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Juniper: Juniper berries are the main ingredient. The smell of juniper is similar to a gin cocktail, which is very minty and pine-fresh. As you roam through the forest and try to regain your tired soul, you come across a juniper forest, and suddenly you feel the energy in your mind and soul and the fresh air in your lungs. Juniper has an almost magical power; just inhale its fragrance to heal the soul.

Lavender: Lavender has a calming and relaxing scent that can relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. It is also used to treat headaches and insomnia. Citrus - Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits have a strong citrus flavor, which helps to boost up mood and improve concentration.

The Scent: Juniper and Lavender scented candles are touted as a natural remedy that relieves stress and fills your home with a strong mind. These scented candles make you feel like the gentle wild wind blows, and instrumental music begins to flow, relaxing you.

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Wood Sage: The spirited fragrance of wood combined with sage helps you to reduce stress and anxiety. Specifically, when used in aromatherapy, sage fragrance can help relieve stress by inducing a sense of well-being.

Sea Salt: Sea salt has a strong bond with stress reduction therapies. The fragrance of sea salt can relieve stress, decrease anxiety and brighten your mood, making this amazing candle twice-as-good for your room.

The Scent: This fragrant candle is full of lively and spirited. It is filled with the mineral atmosphere of the rugged cliffs, reminiscent of waves. Use Wood Sage and Sea Salt Candles to sprinkle the fresh air in the home. Every morning light the “Wood Sage and Sea Salt” in your living room or kitchen to make every day a beautiful day. We mix a stress-reducing essential oil to create an aroma specially designed to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

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