The 'Someone Special' Gift Box

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Our limited edition gift box perfect for when you want to give someone a gift they can remember you by and also help them free up their minds with a therapeutic experience of lighting a candle. This Limited Edition Set comes with 2 of our Mini Candles Jars perfect for a gift tucked inside our Signature Deep Black Case with our Hot Stamped Logo to give that Luxury feel. It comes with 2 glass jars and can have any Fragrance from our Range

The options you can choose from are

1. Wood Sage & Sea Salt

This is the perfect scent to clear out the energy of a particular room, simply put, Sage clears bacteria in the air. It is reputed to ease the muscular and joint pain also calm skin conditions. The Sea Salt brings both texture and a sense of freshness and the combination of both ingredients helps you unwind and also uplifts your spirit

Wood Sage has an earthy aroma that is fresh and woody, providing peace of mind and joy.

Sea Salt evokes feelings of a morning walk on a beach getaway that is calm and refreshing thus helping you relax and unwind.

2. Brazilian Lime & Citrus

Brazilian Lime; exotic, confident and fresh, you’ll feel like you just stepped on a mysterious tropical island as it eases your mind while treating your senses.

Citrus; begin your day in high spirits with a fresh boost to your mood and enlighten your soul as you imagine yourself peeling citrus fruits in the summer while the sun bathes your skin in warmth.


3. Juniper & Lavender

Juniper with its distinct, crisp and sweet aroma bursting with complex notes, it cleanses and detoxifies the air without a sedative effect. 

Lavender intertwined with juniper, it’s luxurious precious essence delivers a soothing effect  as it detoxifies the atmosphere and helps you relieve stress associated with impure and toxic odors.

Customer Reviews

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Katrina Cooke
Someone special

Someone special was myself . Excellent service and customer service is superb and candles smell nice . Gave some to my friend too for her birthday

Jane Walker
Fab gift

Lovely little gift to say Thankyou x

Philip Wood
Terrific Aroma!

I’m delighted with my recent purchases - for myself and a friend. Thank you.

Thank you Philip we hope you and your friend like your purchase.